Soccer Parties and High Fevers

The end of the soccer season meant time for an award ceremony and pizza party. I was responsible for bringing the cupcakes and Colin, being the coach, was responsible for handing out the trophies and certificates.

We had just returned home from an overnight temple trip. Maddie had woken us up in the middle of the night with an almost fever. Colin had to go driving around Westwood for an open pharmacy to get Tylenol. Of course we hadn’t brought any. By the time we reached our house late Saturday morning, she was going downhill fast.

Our options did not look good. Maddie was clearly sick and would most likely need to go to the ER to monitor her fever and yet we had this soccer party obligation. I was frosting cupcakes while she appeared to be getting worse. Colin was printing out award certificates while she was passed out on the couch. It was one of those situations where we wondered what the heck we were doing.

It was ridiculous. I hated knowing that we both had to do this party even though we weren’t sure how Maddie’s sickness would play out. It’s not like we could even split the duties since we only have one car. Either we were both going to the pizza joint or we both weren’t. It felt like a hopeless situation.

We went forward with our plans, praying that she’d get better and that her fever would break completely. We went to the party, ate our pizza, clapped for the soccer players, finished our cupcakes, and headed home.

{Warren received the “Bulldozer Award,” so dubbed for his ability to plow through many players and still keep going. He had a better season than last. All the same, it was good that it came to an end.}

{My green grass frosting and soccer ball cupcake toppers were well received, even though I learned too late that putting the finished product in the cupcake carrier smashes the topper down into the frosting. Note to self: place the topper in the cupcake after transport.}

She was doing alright but we wondered what would come. When we got home, we called our Home Teacher and asked that he’d stop by and help give Maddie a blessing of healing. Then we waited to see what would happen that night. We did not want to subject her to the emergency room testing procedures if we could help it.

We never had to take her to the hospital. She slept peacefully through the night. By morning, her fever had broken and she was feeling better. A call to her pediatrician the next day provided the antibiotics she needed to fully recover. I am so grateful for modern medicine and Priesthood blessings. She was spared the trauma of the emergency room testing, at least this time. I’ll take miracles whenever I can get them.

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