Lowly the Fish

Meet Lowly, the newest member of the family.

He is our first long-term pet, proceeded slightly by Goldy and Goldy II who both went the way of all gold fish last year. Only living one day, we ceremoniously (think Rudy’s fish on the Cosby Show)¬†flushed Goldy down to the great pond in the sky. Warren cried. Even upgrading to the 99 cent version (Goldy was only 20 cents), Goldy II met the same fate, so we waited until a year later to try again.

Lowly is a beta fish. Strong and tough, we’ve forgotten to feed him on a few occasions and he continues to thrive.

Everyone loves him. Maddie and Warren argue over who’s turn it is to give him his nasty smelling fish flakes. Warren even drew the background picture you see behind his fish bowl. Hopefully, he’ll stick around a long time.

2 thoughts on “Lowly the Fish”

  1. You’re so good, Mama! I’m still holding out on the pet front. I can barely keep up with the kids without adding extra variables.

  2. I hope it ends up being a great pet. I am a big fan of low-maintenance pets like reptiles and amphibians. I guess the only drawback is when you really wish your three mean fish would die so you could get new ones, but even when you don’t feed them for a week they still keep on living…

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