Christmas Walk

Like last year, we went to La Arcada to wander through the Christmas Walk. But unlike last year, I didn’t spend the whole time taking pictures. I only snapped a few, not very good ones either, but somehow they disappeared.┬áLuckily, it looked much like it did the year before, so the 2010 post will suffice for imagery.

This year’s trip was short. It was a chilly night and very windy, so we quickly made our way through the throng of people to pick up our free popcorn, candy canes, hot chocolate, and tamales. The last one sounds random, but it was the sample item offered by this year’s sponsoring restaurant and they were good. A true Santa Barbara style Christmas treat.

Again, we did not wait in line to see Santa on State Street. The line was too ridiculously long for our almost-ready-for-bedtime-children to handle. Instead, we walked past and waved hello from the sidewalk.

Despite the crowded nature of this event, we enjoy getting in the Christmas Spirit by attending. I actually like the hustle and bustle of it all. The fun of window shopping past brightly lit stores in beautiful decor without giving into the commercialism of needing to buy it all. The live caroling and jazz ensembles playing Christmas music, lovely decorations, and festive shops remind us that the Christmas season has arrived.

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