Journey’s Newest Fan

Maddie was digging through our cd collection one day and stumbled across this classic rock album: “Infinity” by Journey. Yes, Journey. I’m not ashamed.

“What’s that, Mama?” she inquired after checking out the artwork. “That’s Journey,” I told her with eyes half open (she made her discovery around 6AM). The image on the front was beyond me, especially that early in the morning, so I left her to her own artistic interpretation to determine.

For whatever reason, she has decided that this cd is a must-have item. It comes with her in the car when we pick up Warren from school. She carries it around the house singing, “Journey, Journey, Jour-NEY!” and can often get Warren to join in. It can mostly be found in her back pack, where many a treasured item resides.

She has never actually heard the music. I don’t think we’ve ever loaded it onto our computer to add to the iTunes playlists. But she loves the cd. The actual physical object that is the cd. That night, after a long day of carrying it around, she lovingly placed it on the bookshelf outside her door. “So I can see it when I wake up,” she explained.

See, Journey. Your rock legacy lives on, even among the younger set. But I do wonder about the absence of Steve Perry. I mean, how do you go on without his hair do?

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