Maddie Turns Three!

Our baby girl is becoming a big girl right before our eyes! Maddie turned three and we had a great time celebrating her special day with her.

Warren started the day out with a homemade present (items he recycled from his own collection) and birthday banner that he hung up on the wall. He also asked his 1st grade class to sign a card for her. His teacher is so accommodating like that.

In the evening we had a small birthday gathering since it wasn’t a “friend party” year. We asked our good friends, Gina and Shawn, and their kids to come over for pizza and cake. Their daughters, Sacha and Arya, are Maddie’s best girl friends.

The cake had to be pink, but since she didn’t have any particular design in mind I went the easy way out and just did lemon cake with raspberry frosting. It was pretty tasty, I must say.

Maddie got some fun presents this year. Hand made hair bows from Gina, books from Colin and me (including “Everyone Poops” which was very well received, as you can imagine), and from Grandma Tuki a UW Husky cheerleader outfit, complete with silver pom poms. Too much!

It was a great evening and she was a happy girl.

Maddie, you are a delight to have in our family. You are so good to your little brothers and have become a better playmate to your older brother. Your nurturing skills are shining through more and more each day. You are a great helper when you want to be. The strong-willed, independent, tenacious, and feisty aspects of your personality that sometimes aggravate us are also strengths that will serve you well some day. You are so tough and have endured so much in your young life. We can’t help but admire your fighting spirit and ability to push through the bad times. You are our precious angel girl and we could not imagine life without you. Happy Birthday, Mariquita!

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