Christmas Hand Rolls

I’ll admit, this post is a little bit of a tease. Every year we make these special candies for Christmas. Some to give as gifts and some to eat. And every year people ask us for the recipe to which we always answer, “Sorry, it’s a family secret.”

I will tell you this: those are peanuts you see coating that dark chocolate, so if you have a nut allergy we won’t leave them on your doorstep. And the soft candy center has a light fruit flavor, sometimes lemon, sometimes raspberry, and maybe next year orange. But that’s all the hinting you’re going to get.

These treats come from Colin’s dad’s side of the family. “Hand Rolls” are kind of a misnomer, but the process required to make them is somewhat intense. Colin and I have been making them together for the last 4 years and it’s become something I look forward to every Christmas season. It’s really his baby, though. I’m just the eager assistant. Each year we perfect the system even more. This year I’d even call it streamlined.

To those of you who have received these goodies and have tried to crack the recipe, feel free to keep guessing. But we stick to our vow of candy secrecy. Our lips are sealed.

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