Playing School

It’s Christmas Break, but that doesn’t stop Warren from attending school. He engaged us all in the time-honored game of “playing school,” with curriculum developed on the fly that morning. They were the students, I was the teacher, with heavy collaboration by Warren.

Here is how our day went:

Art— watercolor painting

Snack & Recess— Goldfish crackers and playground time

Botany— Discussion of evergreen trees (parts labeled with inventive spelling)

Writing— Practicing letters, as Jake and Joey look on

Religious Studies— Understanding the Nativity

{Really, it was just a great excuse to use my new camera.}


3 thoughts on “Playing School”

  1. Yes, those are great pictures. But seriously, did your kids really go outside without shoes on during WINTER BREAK??!? Sickening.

  2. LOVING all the updates!! And do I sense a possibility of homeschool in your future? Mostly, joking… but seriously, the boy would plan it all himself!

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