Three Stock Jokes

Maddie realizes she can be funny, but she hasn’t quite grasped exactly what makes her humorous. She tries random things out to see what happens. To her knowledge, there are three solid jokes that she has at her disposal for instant comedy.

1. “Baby Hotda” — Hotda (the Zuni word for Grandmother) is what our kids call my mom. One day, Maddie was looking through family pictures and decided to call her “Baby Hotda” because she was holding “Baby Warren” in a particular photo. We all laughed for how ridiculous it sounded. She took that as comedy gold. Now whenever she says it we giggle, even though the actual joke is dead. It’s all in her delivery. Sometimes she whispers it. Then Warren, who claims it’s not funny anymore, can’t help but smile.

2. The Darth Vader song — “dun dun dun, dun dun-dun, dun dun-dun…” Otherwise known as “The Imperial March.” Somehow (i.e. thanks to Renny) she memorized that tune and tries to work it into everyday conversation. If she can combine other songs into a medley that includes the Darth Vader theme song, then it’s a song worth singing. She loves the song and she loves Darth Vader. Hilarious in itself.

3. “tsk” — the sound you make when aspirating the letter “T.” Like she thinks whatever was said is sorta funny, but not quite funny enough to laugh out loud. Regardless, it always makes us chuckle a little more.

She keeps these in her back pocket to use whenever she feels the crowd needs a little levity.

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