Mr. Mom

I love my husband. I know I’ve said that before, but it’s worth saying a thousand times over. He is a remarkable companion and a remarkable dad.

Colin has been home doing my job for the last 4 weeks, only it’s much harder because he’s flying solo. I can’t really do much of anything to help. He’s there, everyday, in the trenches working hard to care for the kids and for me.

As any stay-at-home parent could tell you, the job is rigorous. It’s exhausting and physically intense, especially when you have three in diapers. It’s managing schedules, and cleaning, and preparing food, and endless driving, and resisting the monotony, and thinking beyond yourself. But Colin stepped right in and took it all up like he’s not used to sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. And he did it almost without complaint. Almost.

He’s also found the joyful aspect of the job, too. The funny, creative, rough and tumble, curious, adventurous, nurturing side of the everyday tasks, as well. He’s playful with the kids and finds ways to make them laugh. He gets in there and colors with them. He let’s them climb all over him. Not that he didn’t do all these things before. It’s just now he gets to do it all day long. It’s been good for me to observe, reminding me to find balance throughout the day. Sometimes I let the aforementioned chores bog me down. I appreciate his approach.

But let’s not be fooled by the title of this post. This is a dad we’re talking about. Let’s put the manliness back in the role with some stats from the last few weeks:

  • 11 poopy diapers changed in one day
  • 1 kid out of diapers (Possibly, maybe for good? Post to follow.)
  • 9 wrestling matches of 4 on 1
  • 8 trips to Costco with all four kids
  • 15 school lunches prepared (always the worst part of my day)
  • 3 times starting the day with all children awake before 6:15AM
  • 100 times feeding twins by himself (3 meals and 2 snacks a day)

I’m going to be sad to see him go back to the office at the end of my recovery. Not just because I’ve appreciated all his hard work (which I have immensely) and will be longing for his daily help (which I definitely will), but because I will just plain miss having him around.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Mom”

  1. I cannot believe he goes to Costco with all four kids!! That is madness! Oh wait, I meant bravery! Maybe both. Colin, you are a gem.

  2. Love this tribute! And I know how you feel. Jack went back to work this week after two weeks home, and I nearly barricaded the door and refused to let him out.

  3. I always love watching how dads parent so differently. The stereotypes come from somewhere, don’t they? They do play more, and I’m always glad for the same reminder. I guess that’s why we need two parents. Tell Colin to hang in there. If any Dad can be full-time 2 parents, it’s him!!

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