The Shaggy Dog Story

When I was a kid, my family would say it was time for “The Shaggy Dog Story” whenever my brother or father needed a haircut. I don’t know how that saying originated, but someone said it and it stuck. I suppose it was based on the Disney movie of the same name, though we never watched it as a family. But that’s how we knew it was time for a trim.

Warren’s hair was out of control. It was beyond the surfer look and straight into hippie. It was time for the “Shaggy Dog Story,” for sure. I love his hair long, but this was excessive. On Sunday evening, Colin took the clippers (or buzzers as my brother always called them) to his locks.

He went from this:

to this:

in about 20 minutes.

He looks like a different kid! A younger one, too. He was looking much too much like a teenager, which I’m definitely not ready to handle. We’ve got years ahead before that! Plus, I love that I can see his whole face again.

Long hair or short, he’s still got those dimples and sparkling blue eyes.

7 thoughts on “The Shaggy Dog Story”

  1. Wow, you are right, he does look like a different kid! I actually like him with a little hippie hair, but I looked at the picture again after you said it made him look like a teenager and you are totally right. Funny how much difference a hair style makes. Cute cute boy either way.

  2. Okay so funny, Anika wanted to see the pictures and as I was showing her, I noticed her hair is only a little longer than his was!

  3. I showed Justin the 1st picture and he said, “what! That’s not a haircut!”. Then I scrolled down and he let out a huge burst of excitement! I am in love with his dimples!!!! He looks mighty good in both doos, and you are right about him looking like a teenager with the “shaggy dog” doo 🙂

  4. So handsome! I’m kinda partial to long hair, but my son got called a girl three times this week in stores. I guess it’s time.

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