Lollipop Valentines

I saw an idea for homemade Valentines on Pinterest that I wanted to try for Warren’s classmates. I thought it was clever and pretty easy to pull off.

Take a picture of your kid holding out his arm, add some hearts and “Happy Valentin’s Day!” (I used my Creative Memories program for the layout and to add the bokeh hearts and hand-drawn shapes), print as 4×6 photos at Costco, make slits at the top and bottom of the fist, and insert lollipop of choice.

I made a few versions and had him choose. He decided this one would be for the boys:

And this one he’d give to the girls:

Pretty simple and pretty cute.

My only regret is that we couldn’t use Livesaver’s Swirled Pops for the treat. They don’t make them anymore. Such a shame because they were the best sucker at Valentine’s Day. My favorite was the Strawberry & Vanilla flavor. I guess Blow Pops will just have to suffice.


What do you do for Valentines at your house? Do you make them from scratch or buy the ones that come in a pack at the grocery store?

11 thoughts on “Lollipop Valentines”

  1. We are also using an idea from pinterest. My kids didn’t pick that one though. I will blog about it, when we get them done. So far I have all the supplies ready.

  2. That is AWESOME!! I just buy whatever the cheap pack is at the store, but maybe when Ani is in kindergarten we’ll have to do that one!

  3. I really wanted to do this for one of the boys this year but they wouldn’t go for it. No, it’s almost *always* Star Wars valentines in our house. At least until Maayu starts school. 🙂 Warren’s turned out great!

  4. Jeannie, I just caught up on your posts — masterful. Maybe Colin can be a stay at home dad and you can start a blog for moms that pays da bills. That way the internet love can continue. 🙂

  5. P.S. I don’t know what I’m going to do when Picnik shuts down in April. I have been using it for EVERYTHING since Katie (Erb) introduced me to it a while back. Have you come up with a good alternative?

    1. @Estella– No, I’ll be missing Picnik greatly when it’s gone! I have Adobe Elements, but it’s an old version plus I loved all the easy presets that Picnik offered. At least all of their premium edits are free until they close!

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