Pink Chonies

Toilet training. It’s the one part of parenting where I wish I could close my eyes and fast forward past the phase to the point where it’s all done.

We have not pushed Maddie whatsoever toward toilet training. We’ve let her completely set the pace. She’s been using the toilet off and on for several months now but it’s only been in the last week that she’s understood when she needed to use it. But she refuses to go #2 on the pot. Refuses. She’s afraid, I guess, even though she knows she will get gum if she does it. Oh yes, we’re going there if it means results.

After a few days of success where her diaper stayed clean and dry, she had an idea.

“I can wear my chonies now!” she exclaimed. “Pink ones!”

Her “big girl” underwear (“chonies” as Kelley called them when Warren first started wearing them) have been sitting in her drawer waiting for the day when she was ready to ditch the diapers. She wants desperately to be like Big Brother Warren and wear her own chonies, but we had laid down some stipulations to the transition. She had to stay clean and dry and she had to start pooping in the toilet.

Colin and I looked at each other. She hadn’t reached the second part of deal yet, but she was definitely making progress. We decided to give it a go.

She was so proud. She was beaming.

She went the whole day clean and dry. Even overnight she was clean as a whistle. But she still wouldn’t go poop in the pot.

On Day 2 of underwear, we asked her if she needed to go poop on the toilet. She hesitantly said yes. When she got there to do her business she stopped and looked up at us. “Maybe not,” she said backing down from the challenge. But she still went pee, so we kept her chonies on.

But by the end of the day she still had refused to go #2 in the toilet. She started asking for a diaper so she could take care of business. We told her she’d have to put the chonies away for the rest of the day.

“Maybe I can wear chonies when I’m pooping in the toilet,” she renegotiated.

Off and on she’s been like this: wearing her underwear for most of the day, but requesting a diaper for pooping purposes. She even wore her pink chonies to church. She’s so close, she just doesn’t know it.

We’ll get there. Could someone just wake me up when it’s over?

3 thoughts on “Pink Chonies”

  1. I agree. Potty training itself isn’t that fun. However, the sheer bliss of when it is complete kinda makes it worth it. Good luck to Maddie!

  2. Cute little pic of her showing off her “chonies” 🙂 What a funny name…Good luck in finishing out “the details” of the process!! We’re on this track now too…and it’s definitely exhausting!

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