Colin’s Cursed Birthday

It’s official. There’s no doubt now. Colin’s birthday is officially cursed. For the past 4 years, at least one person (and oftentimes it’s been Colin) has been sick on his birthday. The range of illnesses has been wide, but some sort of plague has hit our household just in time for the celebrations.

Warren was sick all last week and his asthma kicked in, but he started recovering and we hoped for the best. Then Maddie got a fever on Friday. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with her doctor before the end of the day, plus Warren’s bout with the virus indicated that she was headed down the same path, so no need for the emergency room testing.

But by Sunday, and Colin’s birthday, she was still feverish and hacking away. We started to get worried. Jake also woke up with a runny nose and a slight fever. It was settled. We’dĀ all stay home from church and try to recuperateĀ from the sickness that was spreading through the family.

I felt I owed Colin something big and tasty to compensate for all he’s done over the last few weeks, plus I was hoping to take the edge off the curse, so I made him a tasty dinner of salmon, broiled green beans and cherry tomatoes, and wild rice, plus a carrot cake with citrus cream cheese frosting. That was the highlight of the day, besides the Seattle Sounders FC “3rd Jersey” I got for him (purchased in January, so not to be counted in the Spending Fast).

Just as we were winding up the evening, and all kids had been tucked in bed, we heard serious coughing from Maddie’s room. It sounded really, really bad. We went in to help her cough/puke into the bowl we’d been keeping by her bed. When we checked the contents of the recent spew, we saw blood. Colin and I looked at each other. Could we take the chance that she hadn’t progressed to pneumonia? On Birthday Curse Day, you couldn’t be too sure. So, my dear, sweet, wonderful Colin gathered up the necessaries and Maddie and drove off to the ER at 9:45PM on Sunday night. He was just trying to beat my last birthday celebration.

Long story short, Maddie’s x-ray came back clear. Instead, they diagnosed her with croup. Sad and uncomfortable, but less worrisome than having a pneumonia.

*Big sigh*

Hopefully, she’ll recover soon and Jake’s turn will come and go quickly. Is there any chance that this virus will pass Joey over? To dream…

Happy Birthday, Colin! Someday this curse will end. It just has to!

4 thoughts on “Colin’s Cursed Birthday”

  1. I am glad he took her. Better to be safe than sorry and I am glad it was something less worrisome. What little I know of Colin, I bet he doesn’t mind that his birthday isn’t all about him anyways. I hope your recovery is progressing well too.

  2. Well, I personally think the fates don’t like him calling himself “Lucky Larry” and so try to get back at him each birthday! You should pick and “unbirthday” and have a huge happy day celebration for him :).

  3. You guys are so tough. so so tough. it’s crazy that it happens so often on your BIRTHDAYS!! Not cool. I think you’ve all had enough hospital check ins this year to last a good ten years at least. You’ve done your fair share. I like the unbirthday idea above!! You all deserve it!

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