On Valentine’s Day…

Colin surprised me with this bouquet of roses. Roses on Valentine’s Day is overdone, you say? Not when they’re this color.

Warren came home with a sack full of Valentine’s Day loot.

We served the kids burritos for dinner (at Warren’s request) with heart-shaped strawberry ice cream for dessert.

(We decided to save the heart-shaped brownies for an upcoming Family Home Evening treat.)

Plus our good friends, Annie and Alex, hand delivered some Valentine’s goodies for us right after dinner. They were greatly appreciated!

Then Colin and I enjoyed our own romantic candle lit dinner for two we made together at home, after the kids went to bed.

The menu was perfect: Arrugula and Parmesan Salad (courtesy of our old neighbor and former ward member, Holly Y.), Fontina, Fennel, and Onion Pizza (from Martha, found on Pinterest) using this dough recipe, and Creamy Lemon Squares (also a Martha concoction, via Sarah H.). We did not care one bit that the dessert lacked chocolate. They were so, so, so good. I’m still thinking about them.

We finished the night off with “Midnight in Paris.” It was a perfectly simple day (despite sick children) and the best way to end our 6-week break from the norm. Colin returns to work starting Wednesday.

Hope your day was full of good food and lots of love.

3 thoughts on “On Valentine’s Day…”

  1. Aww…it looks like you had a wonderful Valentines Day! I feel the same way about roses….a few years ago Garrett got me roses in the same color on Valentines Day. Love it!

  2. We started making our own dinner after the kids went to bed, too. We decided a few years ago it is way easier than getting reservations and babysitters, and we found we like it better to cook together than go out, anyway. Beautiful. (Pretty bokeh on your last shot).

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