Business As Usual

Colin went back to work today after his 6 week break used to help me recover. This was the reception he received when he arrived at his desk:

195 balloons and a note that said, “Welcome Back, Colin.” I’m sure the contributors were especially appreciative of the box of doughnuts he brought in as a token of thanks for being so understanding about his time away.

I went back to work again, too, as “Full-time Mom.” My reception was slightly different:

Runny noses multiplied by 3 all day long. Plus I caught the virus that has passed through all the kids. But I can’t complain too much. I feel pretty good as far as the surgery recovery goes. No more pain, just slight discomfort and tenderness at the incision site. My doctor’s visit confirmed that all is going well. I got the “all clear” to resume my life. I can now lift to my heart’s content.

It was so great to pick up my children again. I missed holding them so much. Bed rest was alright, on a purely selfish level– I got many projects done that would otherwise have been hard to do. But really, I like my full time job. It’s good to be back.

Now to kick this crummy cold…

6 thoughts on “Business As Usual”

  1. Such a cool reception back to work!! And I like the contrast between balloons and boogers. Sometimes it is the strangest things that make us remember how much we love motherhood!

  2. I’m glad Colin such a nice reception on his return to work, but your comparison to yours is hilarious! I’m glad you are (mostly) feeling better. Hope the cold runs its course quickly.

  3. Balloons! I totally wanted to do this for my co-workers birthday last month, but I wasn’t willing to fork out the $40 I needed to fill his cube with packing peanuts. If only I’d thought of balloons!

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