February 2012 Spending Fast Recap

Well, I wouldn’t say this was a failed attempt, but the Spending Fast ended up being more of a “spending diet” than a true fast. Without posting a complete breakdown (I’ll spare you the boredom), it suffices to say that we spent money in February.

We did keep our grocery budget down which I think is an absolutely huge success for us since we always go over. And we stayed within or under budget in all of our other categories. But I cannot proudly say that we stopped ourselves from buying things we didn’t genuinely need. Unless you count dark chocolate M&M’s as a necessity. Just one of the many examples.

And do you know who the main spending culprit was? Colin! He who has most expressed desire to live frugally was spending like money was burning a hole in his pocket! But I can’t blame him entirely. It was, after all, his birth month. He was never committed to restricting our finances when there were birthday goodies to buy and he planned on going snowboarding.

Lessons learned:

  • Your spouse must be on board to do a full spending fast. I never asked Colin if he wanted to participate! I just assumed he’d want to and you know what they say about assuming things…
  • The idea is fantastic and is a great way to determine if you’re spending frivolously. But you have to have a plan and stick to it! If you want to be adventurous and give it a try during a month when you have family birthdays or holidays and feel inspired to make everything from scratch, more power to you. I just know now that’s not going to work for me.
  • Even though I think I am spending frugally overall, there are many times when I hop on Amazon and buy things out of convenience. I didn’t realize it until I noticed that the UPS truck was not stopping by our house as much this month. I have room to improve.

So, although I had high hopes for success we didn’t make it this month. Sorry, Cami. Maybe next year will be better. I just can’t do it in February! Maybe something safe like May where we have no major gift-giving holidays or any birthdays to celebrate.

4 thoughts on “February 2012 Spending Fast Recap”

  1. I would say the M&M’s definitely don’t count as long as you bought them at the supermarket and you stayed in grocery budget. Thanks for doing this. It was super inspiring for me! I’ll try to post my results soon!

  2. So we’re trying it this month! It’s only the 5th and one of those days was a Sunday, but it has already been hard. Evelyn keeps asking me if we can go to McDonalds or if we can get root beer! I never noticed that she asks for things like this before. Anyhow, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. Ah, you beat me to the end of the month recap! I still have to post about mine. I would have to agree that birthday months are difficult, as it is when your spouse is not completely on board with it, but it still a learning experience!

  4. I absolutely count dark chocolate of any kind as a necessity. Who argues with that? Especially if you are under stress because of a spending fast.

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