Maddie the Sunbeam

With all of the hubbub of my surgery and with me being gone from church for several weeks, I never posted about Maddie starting Primary and becoming a Sunbeam (the class for 3-year-olds at church).

Before the beginning of the new year, the incoming Sunbeams had a few Sundays where they sat in the Primary room for Sharing Time and Singing Time to help them transition, come January. Maddie acted like she was going to fight this change tooth and nail, saying “no” repeatedly for just about everything and running back to see me every few minutes (I’m still 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency). But after the second Sunday “practicing,” she sat in her chair of her own free will and started paying attention and singing the songs. She stopped running over to me and stopped refusing to sit with her class.

Even though I wasn’t there that first month and a half of her official start, I understand that she did great. Sure enough, when I returned to church after my 6 weeks of bed rest, I found that she willingly sat in her chair and continued to participate, even helping out the Sharing Time teacher whenever she had a turn. Overall, I would say it was a smooth transition. I credit her teacher, my dear friend Gina who Maddie adores.

However, that apparently did not mean that she wouldn’t have her moments of resistance because today she was assigned to give the opening prayer and she flat out refused to do it. Warren stepped up as pinch hitter and took her place for her. He’s had much more experience, of course.

It may be awhile before she’s ready. But she’ll get there, on her own terms. Just don’t even think of asking her to give a talk yet.

4 thoughts on “Maddie the Sunbeam”

  1. It’s so nice when our strong-willed children actually agree with us on a path forward :). I’m glad Maddie is happy in Primary. Anika did fight it the first few weeks. She enjoyed the “practice” Sundays but then told me emphatically that she was not ready to be in Sunbeams – she was still too little – and maybe she should wait until she’s 4. But after a few weeks, lo and behold, she found out she actually likes it! Thank goodness :). Now are you SO EXCITED for Sunday the 25th?!? I know I am…

  2. Yeah Drew fought it the first couple weeks until I just forced him to figure it out on his own. And now he is perfectly fine. In fact, yesterday I was subbing in the other sunbeam class (yes there are 2 of them) and he didn’t even try to come sit with me like I had anticipated!!

  3. I’m so glad she decided she liked it. I’m not quite sure what you would have done with that girl if she hadn’t!

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