Obsessed with Yogi Bear

This past Christmas, my brother graciously loaded our family up with some cartoons on DVD. But not ones that you’d expect children of the 21st century to own. Most date back pre-1965, with a few more “modern” ones from the 1980s. You’d think that with all the newfangled animation our kids see even in TV commercials these days, movies like these would be passed over quickly. But you’d be wrong. Especially according to Maddie.

She is completely, 100% obsessed with Yogi Bear. She’s seen Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear (1964) roughly 15 times since December. It’s the only movie that she’ll sit completely still for the entire time. She quotes it. She play acts out the scenes.

Sometimes she involves her brothers in the World of Yogi. Each one is designated a character to play as they run around the house. It’s especially entertaining to hear her talk of “Muggers,” the mean dog belonging to the two bad guys in the story, also pronounced “Mugga” as the one British bad guy says. There’s nothing like hearing a three-year-old imitate a Cockney accent.

The quasi-feminist in me cringes at the thought of Cindy Bear and her helpless “Oh Yogi! Save me!” attitude. And her passive-aggressive approach to hoodwinking Yogi into being her man (I mean, bear) is a little irritating.

But I watched far worse female leads and their acts of defenselessness as a kid and still came out alright, so who knows. Plus, since Maddie is currently the toughest kid in our household, I figure she can handle a little dose of feebleness in a cartoon character.

And they’ve got songs like this to make it bearable (couldn’t resist) to watch over and over and over again.

Let’s just hope viewing this movie a bazillion times makes her smarter than the average bear, or at least not dumber than one.

4 thoughts on “Obsessed with Yogi Bear”

  1. Hilarious. I agree, the British accent is a must-have. Anika’s Yogi Bear is Peter Pan, but I must admit, when she said Daddy was going to be “Peeta”, I thought we’d been talking about the Hunger Games too much until I realized she was properly pronouncing it with an accent…

  2. Eliza is obsessed with Rainbow Brite and She-Ra. Amazingly, She-Ra is actually quite non-violent. They carry around huge swords, but there is rarely any actual battle, and she is definitely a strong female lead.

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