St. Patrick’s Day

Is there a valid reason that we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like we do here in America? Is it a throwback to our Irish immigrant ancestors (which I personally have) and a way to honor their traditions? Probably not. I don’t think they ate Lucky Charms with green milk for breakfast or lunched on green eggs with ham. Did they wear green beaded necklaces and pins that say, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish for the Day!”? Doubtful, but it sure makes for a fun break from the ordinary.

Aside from all things green, we did enjoy some authentic Irish grub, some of which we feasted on during our trip to Ireland back in November 2004. (One of the best adventures we ever had.)

Brown Soda Bread with Kerrygold butter. Warm and delicious.

Irish Beef Stew, one of our favorites. We actually had this dish on St. Patrick’s Day Eve. Let the partying start early, I always say.

And these Beef and Guinness Pies— a new recipe that takes some time but is fantastic comfort food.

Yes, don’t faint friends, but I occasionally use alcohol when preparing fine cuisine. And although I feel awkward in the store and look around several times to see if someone I know is watching at the checkout, it’s totally worth the hassle. Especially when it comes to this chocolate cake, which I turned into cupcakes.

It’s usually served with a chocolate ganache, but since we were going for the green look, I used a cream cheese frosting in its place to color it up. Not too shabby.

With good food you can turn a meaningless holiday into something worth celebrating. And that’s without resorting to drinking green beer!

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  1. Hahaha when I first started reading this post I wondered if you would actually admit to cooking with Guinness, which I would say our Irish ancestors would totally be into! Love it.

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