Warren’s 7th Birthday

I don’t really know how this happened, but my baby is seven. He is in every way, shape, and form a big kid. I can’t believe all the ways he’s grown and changed, even in this last year. He’s a helper and a great blessing to our family. And he’s hilarious. I’m so glad to know this funny, smart, creative, loving boy.

We had to celebrate big so we went bowling. Grandma Tuki and Aunt Melissa were in town for our spring break so they accompanied us to Zodo’s for a rousing game and some bowling alley food.

Warren requested a star cake with some confetti-like designs. Here is my masterpiece, created in one hour between taking Maddie to her cardiology appointment in Santa Barbara and rushing back to Solvang where we spent the week with Tuki and Melissa (more on those adventures in subsequent posts).

My 5-point star looks more like a star fish, but since we live on the coast I’m letting that sea creature influence work for me. He asked for a lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. Good stuff.

We bowled a slow but fun game. Like last time, Maddie didn’t want to participate at first and Jake and Joe wanted to head down the lanes on their own. It was nice to have some extra sets of hands to help out.

Warren got the first strike of the game. He could have won the whole thing, but Colin came through in the clutch to steal it away from the birthday boy. Again, considering our group skill level that’s not saying much.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Warren,

Then had him open his present from Grandma. His very own digital camera. He was thrilled.

Happy Birthday, Renny! What a great day celebrating the wonderful kid you are!

2 thoughts on “Warren’s 7th Birthday”

  1. Goodness he turning into a handsome little devil, isn’t he!

    And by the way, the uncensoring of Jake & Joey has taken my excitement over your blog posts to an entirely new level.

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