Spring Break in Solvang

A year ago, Colin’s mom asked if we would spend Warren’s spring break with them in Solvang, a little Danish town about 40 minutes from our house. For all you Washington State people, think Leavenworth of Coastal California, except with a Denmark heritage.

Little did we know then that this vacation would overlap with finalizing the adoption of Jake and Joey. So, instead of spending lazy days as tourists, there was quite a bit of back and forth between Santa Barbara and Solvang. Especially since Colin still had to show up to the office most days. Thankfully, we had two cars to make it all work.

Despite some scheduling challenges and the general discomfort of traveling with children under the age of four, we enjoyed spending time with Grandma Tuki and Aunt Melissa.

We took a leisurely walk by some shops and saw one of the many windmills in town.

And we even peeked through the window of a motorcycle museum, which was closed much to Warren’s dismay.

Another day we took a drive over to see the lavender fields that weren’t there. Well, a tiny patch was there still but the majority of the farm had moved to Santa Rosa. The kids still had fun digging in the driveway gravel of the lavender essential oils shop.

Melissa spent time knitting hats, a new skill she absolutely rocks. She made a hat for each kid in our family. Yes, she’s that awesome.

We did do quite a bit of lounging, especially in front of the television. And Grandma Tuki’s iPad-like device. Spring Break is all about vegging out.

Thankfully, the kids slept well, except the first night when Maddie waited for Warren to return from an evening movie and fell asleep by the door.

Warren definitely had the advantage being the oldest and a legitimate swimmer. He was able to spend many afternoons at the pool with Melissa and Grandma. It was hard to tear them away.

What a trip! Grandma Tuki and Aunt Melissa, we’re so glad we could be with you for a whole week. And we’re extra glad that you could be here for Jake and Joey’s adoption and temple sealing.

And thanks once again for allowing Colin and me a night away. We’re so glad to know that our kiddos were in loving fun hands.

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