Jake & Joey’s Temple Sealing

We took Jake and Joey to the Los Angeles temple to be sealed to our family, a religious ceremony we believe links our children to us for all eternity. (You can read more about the purpose of temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here.)

Like with Maddie and Warren, we were able to enter the temple as a family as soon as the adoption was official. And we wasted no time doing it! On Wednesday it was finalized and on Friday we were at the temple. All necessary to make sure that Grandma Tuki and Aunt Melissa could witness this ordinance while they were here on vacation.

I hope I never forget the peaceful feeling I experienced there in the temple sealing room as I watched my children gather around me and Colin at the altar. Or the sheer joy. I cried happy tears knowing that my babies, all four, would be ours forever, whatever may come in this life.

It’s hard to believe how much our family has grown in these thirteen years since Colin and I first knelt together on our wedding day. I could have never imagined then how blessed we would become as we welcomed each child into our hearts. The powerful promises of the temple covenants make me want to live a life worthy of receiving those blessings.

We were surrounded by good friends and family that happy afternoon and felt the love and support of those who have seen us through the uncertainty of the adoption process. We were finally at the end. The temple sealing, for us, was the real conclusion.

We had to celebrate.

It was low-key but we enjoyed a picnic dinner in the courtyard of the temple apartments where we would stay the night.

Friends and family traveled far and through some gnarly traffic to be with us this day. It meant so much. Thanks again to Sarah for making the tastiest lemon bars for dessert. They were delectable!

We are so blessed.

8 thoughts on “Jake & Joey’s Temple Sealing”

  1. So glad to hear about your family sealing!! Wish we could’ve been there. We love you guys! Let’s meet up at the LA temple this summer!!

  2. No words!! OK, a few words…JOY. PRECIOUS. FOREVER. ADORABLE. LOVE.

    This is what life and heaven and earth are all about. Thank you for sharing!

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