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Though we missed the morning session on Saturday because we were driving back from the temple, we spent the rest of the weekend watching General Conference.

Tami and Joe and their three kids came down for Jake and Joey’s temple sealing, so we got to enjoy Conference with them as well.

We went traditional and had homemade cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning breakfast. They were quite tasty and rest assured we did add cream cheese frosting. I just snapped this picture before they were complete.

To keep the children (and adults) focused on the talks, we played the key words game with an obscene amount of M&Ms. Later we played Conference bingo, again with the plethora of candy. Sugar can really be a good motivator, or bribe. Take your pick.

Maddie had to resist devouring the entire contents herself. It was a test in self-restraint, I tell you.

What a powerful conference. I think that every time, but I really appreciated the topics and the spirit I felt while listening. I love how the apostles and prophets speak to us in ways that make us laugh and make us ponder. They are clear and straightforward. One of my favorites was by President Uchtdorf called, “The Merciful Obtain Mercy,” given Sunday morning:

“I don’t know exactly how to articulate this point of not judging others with sufficient eloquence, passion, and persuasion to make it stick. I can quote scripture, I can try to expound doctrine, and I will even quote a bumper sticker I recently saw. It was attached to the back of a car whose driver appeared to be a little rough around the edges, but the words on the sticker taught an insightful lesson. It read, ‘Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.'”

As always, I felt uplifted by the end of the weekend. Like I was ready to tackle the craziness of life again. Thank goodness we get this bi-annual spiritual recharge. And thank goodness we had good friends with us to enjoy it and discuss it together. Another form of spiritual recharge, for sure.

2 thoughts on “General Conference Viewing”

  1. I’m not sure the M&M’s helped the kids be STILL during the second session of conference, but they really did listen. What a great time! Thanks!

  2. Those cinnamon rolls. Yummy! And the way lil missy was looking at those M&M’s – hilarious! She looks like she’s saying, “you’re mine. There’s no escaping me. WOHAHAAAA.” (p.s.: all beautiful pictures, whoever took them.)

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