Tami and Joe Visit Again

When we told our good friends, Tami and Joe, that we had a date for our temple sealing to Jake and Joey in mind, they started making plans to come down here to attend. We go back many years, back to the days of newly wedded-ness, and no kids, and late night cookie and ice cream study breaks. They’ve been there for us for so many ups and downs. They’re like family. Having them with us at the temple meant the world. And the fact that they’d be bringing their darling children along for a family vacation made the idea even better.

As usual, we spent long hours at night talking and eating delicious food, mostly cheese. 10:52PM on the microwave clock. We were just getting started.

We took a night out on the town to eat tapas after tapas at Milk & Honey, until we stuffed ourselves silly. But not enough that we couldn’t enjoy the Louisiana Bread Pudding Soufflé for dessert at the Palace Grill. To. die. for. I can’t remember a better evening.

And the rest of the time we looked for simple adventures.

We went to the Santa Barbara Mission. The kids ran around in the rose garden and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

We had them join in our Family Home Evening Easter Egg Hunt where the plastic eggs are filled with symbols that explain the purpose of the holiday. (Don’t worry, they still got some candy!)

Most walked away satisfied, except for Jake who felt slighted by a chocolate-less egg.

The big kids even planned their own activities. Like a backyard carnival, complete with popcorn, lemonade, games, and prizes. Below are the signs and tickets they created. These are imaginative kids, I tell you.

We’re so glad you came down for a visit– all of you this time. Come back soon, friends.

2 thoughts on “Tami and Joe Visit Again”

  1. We had SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Thanks again for taking good care of us and allowing our family to come crash your home. My kids still talk about the fun they had, and the cute things your little boys do. All the time we spend with you is a huge blessing to us.
    P.S. I love the way your put the photos together into the collage. It looks great!

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