Easter Sunday

We went to church in the morning but then drove down to my parents’ house to have an Easter egg hunt and ham dinner with them.

It was warm and gorgeous that day. The kids enjoyed spending time in the backyard, especially when searching for eggs.

Jake and Joey didn’t really move from the spot where they first found an egg. They just opened up the plastic and dug into the chocolate.

But the big kids knew what they were doing, even Maddie this time around.

As usual, my mom spoiled us with treats and good food. But I did contribute some to the eats. I made this chocolate coconut pie for dessert. Oh my heavens. We were fighting over the last few pieces.

We all found ways to relax and enjoy the day.

Warren dug out Kakya Andy’s mini Model-T collection.

But most of the time, the kids longed to be outside, or eating more candy. Or both.

Jake and Joe picked some ripe lemons off the ground and tried eating them whole.

Clearly, it was a struggle to consume. Why they persisted, I do not know.

We soaked in the warmth and enjoyed nature.

As usual, it was a wonderful day spent with those we love.

Easter reminds me that this life is a gift. And so is family. I am grateful for the sacrifice that the Savior made for each of us so that we can have the blessings of family throughout eternity.

3 thoughts on “Easter Sunday”

  1. Holy cow, your parents’ yard looks like the PERFECT place to hunt for eggs! How fun! And what is with kids and lemons? I thought my niece was weird when she ate lemon slices as a toddler, but now Ani does too! Maybe there is something there that I’m missing. I’m going to go bust out a lemon for myself…

  2. I love the ladybug picture.

    Rex gave me that lemon face after I shared my Fiery Habanero Doritos with him.

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