A Saturday at the Playground

Warren saved up allowance money to buy a new bike. He’s already outgrown the other one. Seems like we just got it yesterday. {I’m sure that’s what I’ll be saying about everything as the years go on.} Eager to break it in, he just needed an opportunity to take it for a real spin, not just down the street and back.

We had the assignment of cleaning the church building one Saturday morning. We took the entire family, though Colin and Warren did most of the cleaning while I tried to keep the boys from becoming counter productive. Maddie assisted where she found necessary. When we finished, we crossed the street to let the kids run free on the elementary school’s playground and give Warren a chance to ride around.

Warren is a pro on his bike. He had a blast alternating between racing around on the asphalt and climbing the monkey bars.

Maddie loves the slide. She didn’t let a little static electricity or wood chips in the shoes stop her from having a good time.

Jake (in blue) and Joey (in brown) enjoyed the sweet taste of freedom as we allowed them to explore the grounds in whichever direction they fancied. They also could not get enough of the wood chips, which are not easy to remove from their hair, let me tell you.

Maddie, Jake, and Joe could not get enough of the drinking fountain at the kindergarten sink. Water is great on a sunny day.

I love spending time together like this. And I love to watch my kids explore and discover new things. Things they didn’t realize they could do before. Their smiling faces say it all.

A perfect Saturday morning, in my book.

3 thoughts on “A Saturday at the Playground”

  1. GREAT pictures. Especially the bright colors! Your kids are so cute! (You should totally call Tami’s mom to commiserate about wood chips in curly hair.)

  2. Yes, we know ALL ABOUT wood chips, bark, leaves, etc in curly hair. Sand is the worst. Good luck.
    LOVE, LOVE the picture of Maddie at the end!! Beautiful!

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