Fathers and Sons Camp Out

Nearly every year (except for the time we had wildfires on the hillside) our Stake (large church congregation) plans a camp out to commemorate the Restoration of the Priesthood. It’s an opportunity for fathers and sons (of varying ages) to come together for good food (they usually have tri-tip) and bonding by the campfire. Warren loves it and looks forward to it every year.

They head up to camp around 4:30PM on Friday and return home around 11:30AM the next day. Jake and Joey are too little still (Colin is thinking 3 might be a good age, as to ensure they wouldn’t dive head first into said campfire), so it was just Colin and Warren this time. They took their mountain bikes up for a morning outing.

Many good friends from our Ward (unit of the Stake church congregation) attended as well. Everyone had a good time, especially the little boys who collected feathers and broken clay pigeon pieces to bury as treasure.

They came home dirty and tired. Just as it should be after a good camp out.

2 thoughts on “Fathers and Sons Camp Out”

  1. How fun. Dave is going to start having to go to those in a few years now! I think Colin is right though – we camped last summer and decided NEVER AGAIN is anyone under the age of two spending the night camping.

  2. Haha! My Hubby is brave and takes them all, but I’m not sure he gets as concerned about safety as yours do. It was a group effort this year for four of the dads. They came home with one burn mark from another kid who put his stick in the fire and then touched people, one black eye, and one boy who hadn’t worn any underwear the whole weekend! 🙂

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