Girls’ Night In

With Colin and Warren going to Fathers and Sons Camp Out, I decided to have a Girls’ Night In with Maddie, complete with movie (points to you if you guessed “Hey There, Yogi Bear“), popcorn, Peanut M&Ms, the works. We’d put the boys down a little early and start it up.

The problem was I made the mistake of telling Maddie about this plan earlier that morning. All day long she asked when we would watch the movie. Like. all. day. long. Apparently, Colin and Warren could not get out the door fast enough, dinner could not be eaten sooner, and Jake and Joey could not hit the pillow any quicker. She wanted Girls’ Night to start and she wanted it right away.

We did start it. We did eat popcorn with olive oil and oregano. We did eat M&Ms. We even cuddled a bit on the couch. It was a good evening. I’m glad I got to spend some one-on-one time with my girl.

2 thoughts on “Girls’ Night In”

  1. Dude that is great that she was so excited! Yes, probably got a little old for you all day, but at least you knew she was REALLY anticipating that girl time with you.

  2. They changed the campout in our stake to include the girls, too, and just give moms time off. It is a good idea, but I liked it the other way better. I miss my little girl time.

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