No, this isn’t a post about a mosh pit at a rock concert. This is about Jake and Joe’s chosen method for self-soothing. They lie in their cribs and rhythmically bang their heads against the mattress when trying to fall asleep. How this helps lull them to dreamland, I have no idea, but there it is.

It’s not a hard bang. They’re not actually hurting themselves at all. It’s just a lift-thump-lift-thump action. But it is kind of irritating to listen to, especially when you are trying to fall asleep yourself. Thankfully, we don’t have to hear it anymore. Now the two older children get the pleasure of the rhythmic thumping sound.

Funny boys. I have no concerns that there are any other problems, social or neurological, occurring here. It’s just how they deal. And I won’t complain too much. They’re champ sleepers and know how to put themselves to sleep without any intervention from Mom or Dad, so who am I to get picky?

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