What I Found When I Came Out of the Shower No. 3

Jake and Joey are into everything these days. EVERYTHING. But I still need to shower before noon so I have to take the risk. All dangerous things locked up, I feel it’s mostly safe to hop in as quickly as possible (which is a big deal for this gal who loves to take long showers).

This morning the boys took the entire contents of the bottom drawer

and put them all in the sink.

If only they were able to reverse this process with the dishes completely clean.

3 thoughts on “What I Found When I Came Out of the Shower No. 3”

  1. Could be worse. Dave’s dad was telling me about the 3-year-old that ate a bunch of buckyballs. I think 37 total. Which would take a little while. So they said “What were the parents doing???” I said, “Ooh I bet that negligent mom was SHOWERING BY HERSELF!!” Seriously people. Bad things happen when you shower alone. I’m thinking of building a gigantic family shower so all the children will be accounted for at all times…

  2. What an optimistic goal to look forward to children doing the dishes while you shower. Maybe someday… (at least the dishes went in the sink and not the toilet!)

  3. I have a soft spot in my heart for twin shower shenanigans. Once, when my sister was in the shower, her 2-year old twins put foil in the microwave, turned it on, and literally started the kitchen on fire.

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