Move-a-thon 2012

The Move-a-thon is our school’s end of the year fundraising event. Warren ran last year and finished with 25 laps. This year he set the goal of running 30 times around.

He was determined and took his goal seriously.

He ran most of the entire 30 minutes time, only walking a few laps and stopping twice for water.

With 1 minute left to go, he kicked it into high gear and finished the event with 31 laps, just as the count down ended.

He met and exceeded his goal. Way to go, Renny!

{Thanks to those who supported him financially in this fundraiser!}


2 thoughts on “Move-a-thon 2012”

  1. What a kid! That’s tough to run for 30 minutes straight. And to sprint the end – he may be a real runner! Way to go Renny.

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