Class Musical

Warren participated in his first theatrical production at school. It was the end-of-the-year project for his class. He played the “Recyclarian” as part of a quartet of “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers.” Musicals make the production more bearable at this age. Even when they mess up the words or sing off key, it’s still entertaining.

He had a solo. He worked incredibly hard on it. He sang out loud and sang out strong while practicing. Not as loud or strong during the actual performance, but definitely enough for all to hear.

He wanted me to attend every performance (two daytime ones for the other classes and one night performance for the parents) and so I did. I was proud to see him stand up there and conquer his fear of being in the spotlight.

He shined.

“I’m gonna be a recyclarian.
That’s what I’ll be,
you wait and see.

Gonna sift trash,
gonna save scrap!
Gonna keep this and reuse that.

Landfill is full,
more than enough!
Gonna be great recycling stuff.”

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