We Are Jerks

Approximately three weeks ago, the house next door to us sold and new neighbors moved in. Every day since the U-Haul truck drove away, I thought to myself, “I need to go knock on the door and say hello.” We kept saying our family should make them a treat and welcome them to the neighborhood. But did we ever get around to doing so? No.

As we were playing outside in the backyard this afternoon, and I was dreading preparing dinner, I heard our doorbell ring. Our new neighbor had come to introduce herself and asked if we liked carnitas and could she bring some over to us. Ten minutes later she came back with a plate full of pork, rice, and hot tortillas along with two types of spicy salsa and a whole fresh lime. Yes, our brand new neighbors, who are probably still in the midst of unpacking, brought us dinner. And it was fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I felt so ashamed.

Did our meager plate full of chocolate chip cookies make up for how ridiculous we are? No. No they did not.

We have some serious repenting to do.

3 thoughts on “We Are Jerks”

  1. Best title ever. And you may be a procrastinator, but that doesn’t make you a jerk! Great news that your new neighbors are so fantastic though!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, our neighbors kids came over a couple weeks ago with a 10×13 foil pan of BBQ chicken in hand to ask if they could play with our kids. Yup, that would be the first time they played together. We did introduce ourselves before that, but the little girl is in Mason’s class at school, so it’s pretty bad…

  3. Yes, when I think of Jerks I picture the family that agreed to babysit our 3 kids for over 2 hours with only 10 minutes notice. Of all the inconsiderate…

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