Toilet Trained: Check!

Sound the trumpets! Jump for joy! Shout hallelujah! Madeline is toilet trained.

Let me tell you, though, it was not easy.

We decided that we needed to give her a deadline. Once she reached a certain date on the calendar, that was it. No more diapers. We told her it would be after I finished my triathlon.

We knew she was physically ready. She was just being stubborn about it. She was still refusing to go #2 on the pot. We reminded her she was not a baby anymore and she didn’t need diapers to poop. She repeated that phrase many times, probably trying to believe it’s truthfulness.

With the promise of as many sticks of gum as deposits in the porcelain bowl, a party with the cake of her choice, viewing Yogi Bear, and pretty much anything under the sun that she wanted, we set out for the challenge.

It was an epic battle.

We had a poop showdown on Sunday afternoon. She sat there, on the seat, for over an hour crying and holding it in just because she didn’t want to. Finally, when she could hold it no longer, she gave in. We cheered! We promised to hold the celebratory party the next night for Family Home Evening.

Monday came and she still refused to go on her own. She finally sat down after many attempts to get her in the bathroom and proceeded to scream for another hour. It didn’t matter that she’d already done it. She flat out refused again.

But the pendulum always swings back.

When Colin mentioned that he would take her to 7-11 to pick out a candy if she could use the toilet without crying, it must have been all the motivation she needed. Tuesday morning, while I was in the shower even, she went all by herself into the bathroom, did her business, and calmly told me she was done. No crying. Not even a whine. We all cheered.

A few nighttime accidents later, she is completely trained, though I’m not kidding myself that I’ve done the last load of soiled sheets. But she’s there. She’s really there.

And then some.

Now she likes to head to the WC three, sometimes four times a day to go poop. (Prior to this turnaround, she would usually go once or twice in diapers.) She’ll often spend several minutes at a time in there. She sometimes brings reading materials.

But I’m not complaining. She is a diaper-free and chonies-wearing girl. We’re so proud of you, Maddie!

We all had fun celebrating with you… especially eating this white cake with strawberries and cream frosting.

Two down, two to go…

4 thoughts on “Toilet Trained: Check!”

  1. Oh, way to go! All of you. That is huge. I so wish I would have been tougher with Kate. It was a whole year of being #1 trained until she was #2 trained. But potty training is such a nightmare no matter how you slice it. Congrats on being done!

  2. Wow, you even offered gum? You must have really wanted this! I’m so glad she is feeling confident now. The accidents are easy compared to the stubbornness, at least in my house.

  3. If you ever need a good pooping place again just head over to my house. According to Amelia C. it is the place to go since she always manages to squeeze one out while here playing with Logan (and sometimes after she has already just gone at home too!) Must be our magic toilet or something 😉

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