Captain Jack Sparrow (A.K.A. The Boogie Man)

In the “sleeping room” (formerly known as Renny’s bedroom) where all four children bunk, there is a large poster of the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, taped to the closet door. We brought it back for Warren as a souvenir from our outing to see the original “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie when it was re-released in the theaters.

This picture puts the fear in Maddie. She eyes it with suspicion. Clearly, pirates are bad so naturally she should avoid them at all costs. It doesn’t matter that Johnny Depp’s portrayal is comical and is his loose interpretation of a drunken Keith Richards. To Maddie, Captain Jack Sparrow is tantamount to the boogie man.

So, when I send her to her bed to sit for a time out after some naughty behavior or another, she pauses and asks with wide eyes, “You mean the one by Captain Jack Sparrow?”¬†When I confirm that it is indeed the bed by Captain Jack Sparrow, she lets out a whimper and reluctantly sits on her bed with her head buried under the covers. Oftentimes, the mere threat of being in his presence is enough to curb her deviant behavior.

Who said having a pirate around is all bad?

6 thoughts on “Captain Jack Sparrow (A.K.A. The Boogie Man)”

  1. My brother has Clark on this “fear of Mr. T” kick. The only thing that keeps him not too afraid is Mr. T’s “many necklaces.”

  2. This may be the answer to all of your problems! If she is actually afraid of time out, you have an honest deterrent!!

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