Jake & Joey are Two!

Joey & Jake on the go

Jake (pictured in dark blue) and Joey (in light blue) turned two this September. This is the only picture I could find from the day where they were both (almost) looking forward and smiling and not completely blurry. They are on the go. Two two-year-olds! Wow. These boys are busy but also the most darling, funny, cuddly little guys you’ll ever meet.

We had a quiet celebration at Pine Lake Park, one of the most beautiful lakes in the area. Grilled salmon with honey-lime marinade, watermelon, salad, chips, and cake. Simple and delicious.

Train birthday cake

The cake makes me laugh. It’s certainly not anything to write home about as far as looks go.┬áThis is supposed to be a train going around green hills. I was going for ease since we were still unpacking and we already had the cake molds, but adding all the candies made the assembly kind of time consuming. The kids seemed to like it, so I’ll call it a success.

Jake’s current favorites include: brushing his teeth, singing songs, spotting the Seattle temple from the freeway, making sound effects, bananas, dancing, playing with toy cars, pears, saying “Mo!” instead of the “No!” (the “n” sound eludes him), trucks, and pretending all baskets and larger containers are boats to sit in. He is determined and stubborn but also quick to charm and flash a smile.

Joey’s current favorites include: soccer balls or bouncy balls, or any balls for that matter, brushing his teeth, singing, bananas, dancing, dribbling soccer balls, pears, shutting doors, jumping (especially in bed), spotting the temple, also saying “Mo!”, frozen peas, playing Legos, and the garbage truck. He loves to be silly and is always willing to help.

Both boys are sweet and mellow, despite their extreme curiosity and penchant for adventure. They are buddies and enjoy making each other laugh. Only recently have they started tussling over toys, “bear-cubbing” as my friend Kaitlin used to call it. But mostly, they are delightful and we love watching them change and grow into big boys.

Joe and Jake, we love you so much! How blessed we are to have TWO little boys at the same time.

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