It was unintentional, but I took quite a long break from posting on this blog. Nearly four months of our lives have passed without record. Everything from Father’s Day to my birthday to Jake and Joe’s 2nd birthday, make no mistake, we’ve been busy.

With the move to Seattle and the emotionally draining challenge of searching for a home to buy, I’ve had little time or energy to document these events. But I mean to amend that now.

My plan is to go back and postdate our experiences, bit by bit, so that these things aren’t lost. In the meantime, I’ll say that these past few months have been a lesson in walking by faith.

Knowing that we were guided here has made the transition possible but not necessarily easy. Besides missing our old lives and wondering how to fit into our new ones, we’ve had to figure out where exactly in this great city we were supposed to be for the next several years. And if you don’t know what location you want, and you’re searching within a 25 mile radius, it can certainly put a strain on the house-buying process. It has been a trial by fire for us, this real estate business. But that’s a story for a separate post.

Still, as I look back on the last quarter of the year, I can’t help but see how much we’ve been blessed. Yes, we’re still in transition, living in an apartment and surrounded by boxes in our bedroom. Sure, half of my kitchen is still packed away and we have no garage to save us from the rain or yard to escape to in the afternoon (not that the weather would permit it half the time anyway). Even with those challenges, we are happy. A great church community, beautiful parks and lakes, a phenomenal school and teacher for Warren, the ability to purchase a home of our own, all outweigh the stress of our current situation.

So, I officially declare this hiatus over. I’m back in the blogging game. Good or bad, hectic or calm, I hereby commit to keeping current with our lives. Even if our bedroom does look like this:

This too shall pass.

4 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. You do not know how happy this makes me! I have often thought about you and your beautiful, multi-colored family these past months, wondering how you are doing with all the mom stuff and transitions. My heart smiles to know that you are coming out of the woods enough to be able to share some things with us on your blog!! Can’t wait.

  2. It is so much harder for me to do the alto part in church without you sitting behind me. Your family was missed during the primary program today. Keep blogging it makes me feel like you are not so far away.

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