The Pig House

The Pig House

We affectionately call our home, “The Pig House.” Not because it’s dirty or disgusting in any way, but because this little figurine, a ceramic pig, was perched on the windowsill of the living room where Maddie found it at our first viewing.

I think this object just about sums up the decor style of the previous owners.

Perhaps they left it behind, as part of the staging, to compliment the dusty rose-colored walls of the entire downstairs, or maybe they thought it might accent the dark green tile laid out from the front door to the kitchen. Maddie hoped to put it in her bedroom, the one with the cobalt blue and silver sponged walls.

Living/Dining RoomDSC_0047 DSC_0081

Yes, when we first walked in Colin and I had to seriously look past the “designer paint” and see the home’s “‘po”– the hidden potential anyone with vision (and cash) can see beyond the current ugly state.

The kids, however, were an easier sell. They could care less about the wall colors, or the awkward fireplace position, or the dark green powder room with (yet again!) silver sponging. They saw kids riding their bikes out in the street. They saw 5 other families from church all within walking distance. They saw two apple trees in the back yard with fruit ready to pick.

I didn’t walk in and fall in love with this house. But I knew I could eventually and that’s what mattered. After all the searching, all roads led to the “Pig House.” I’m happy to call it home.

It’s going to take some time and effort, some of which has already been put in, to get it where we want it. But I know that someday it will be just what I’ve always dreamed… right as we’re about to re-sell it, I’m sure.

Stick around for some “Before & After” pictures along the way!

4 thoughts on “The Pig House”

  1. Hahahaha! I love it! I’m with you, though. We’ve changed almost every color in our house – and it wasn’t even bad to start with. Decor is definitely the place to sacrifice. You’ll change it all to be exactly what you want, anyway.

  2. Those pink walls are interesting! But it looks to be in fantastic shape which is a huge plus. And it is beautiful from the outside! Great neighbors are awesome too! Congrats!

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