Maddie Turns Four!

Maddie's birthday "cake" Disappointed by her choice

Madeline is now four years old… going on fourteen! Her emotional state can be quite fragile these days. She was excited for her birthday to come but when it did, and her last minute request for brownies over chocolate cake with pink frosting was realized, she anguished at the horror of it. Her surliness can know no bounds sometimes. She didn’t want us to sing to her, or look at her, or even put candles in her chocolate treat. Someone once told me that the behaviors you see expressed in your toddler will be the ones to resurface in the teenage years. Heaven help me.

Most of the day was good, however. I bought her flowers from Trader Joe’s that she was proud to hold throughout the store. Grandma Tuki bought her a cupcake making kit, complete with pink measuring cups and spoons and her own apron. Aunt Melissa gave her a pink purse with a monogram “M” which was extremely well-received. Hotda sent her a ladybug music box that plays, “What a Wonderful World,” which she plays before she goes to sleep each night. We got her a little toy horse and grooming kit. She ate lasagna for dinner and strawberry ice cream for dessert. All Maddie-pleasing items she did enjoy.

Maddie’s likes at age four: pink, baby dolls, olives, animals of all varieties but especially kitties, babies, lasagna, reading books, tricycles, milk, “Hickory Dickory Dock,” Halloween, shoes, macaroni & cheese, playing with her brothers, bugging her brothers, purses, salt, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” gum, drawing, sweets of all kinds, and Playdough.

Little Maddie, you are such a sweet girl. We love your silliness and sparkle. You are funny and know how to make your brothers laugh. We love how much you want to help and exert your independence. For now, we’ll look past your peskiness, sneakiness, and tendency to find everyone’s “buttons” to push toward aggravation. We’ll chalk it up to determination, curiosity, and tenacity, all which will be channeled for good by the time you reach adulthood, I’m sure of it. We are blessed beyond measure to have you, our tough, fighter, miracle girl, in our family. We love you to pieces!

Maddie turns four!

5 thoughts on “Maddie Turns Four!”

  1. No, no, NOOOOO! Please do not tell me these toddler behaviors will resurface again in teenagerhood. Perhaps for girls I could see that, but all this time I have been telling myself that I am paying my dues for a mellow-smart-close-to-his-parents-teenager!!! And that is all I will believe!

    She is so cute. I have decided that strong personality and high intelligence is always a bad combo in young children. Happy Birthday Maddie!

  2. She is going to be the small one in the family by FAR, so she has to know all the buttons to keep all those brothers under her thumb! Smart girl! 😉

  3. Oh how we miss her and all her stubbornness. Trust me when I tell you 14 will come rather quickly. This is a good way to prepare mentally for it.

  4. Can’t believe our miracle babies are FOUR!! It’s just awesome. Her brownie vs. cake story is funny:) I feel so lucky to know you guys through her!

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