First Snow

Little snowman

The kids and I were excited to wake up to snow falling on the second to last day before Christmas vacation. It didn’t really matter to them that the accumulation didn’t even reach one inch. It was fresh, white, and cold and something they’d never seen in their backyard before.

Some were skeptical of the conditions at first.

Is it worth it?

Brave Joey faced the bitter cold of 32 degrees fahrenheit alone, until the others risked the elements.

Snow Joe

Warren’s school was delayed starting by two whole hours. I second-guessed myself and the information I’d received about late start days and started worrying that he was missing something as they played past our normal leaving time. But after checking around and settling my novice understanding, I let them go to town on all that white stuff before it melted away.


Despite the light dusting, Warren was still able to make a snowman complete with carrot nose and peppercorn mouth.


Welcome snow! Will you grace us with your presence any more before the season is over?

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