Being Renny

Being Nenny

One day, the boys decided to climb into Warren’s bed, slip under the covers, and declare that they are Renny. Nenny, as the pronounce it.

We tucked them in as they giggled and proceeded to ask them about their day… Did they have fun at school? Did they ride their bicycle? Did they go play in the forest? All activities Big Brother Nenny does every day.

It’s adorable to hear them shout, “I be Nenny! I be Nenny!” as they make themselves comfortable. Even Maddie gets into the act sometimes.

Maddie pretends to sleep

I have to admit, if they’re going to emulate any big kid, I’m glad it’s their wonderful oldest brother.

Silly Renny

4 thoughts on “Being Renny”

  1. I am just catching up on a few old posts here, but I love this one. Something about it just warms me inside, what wonderful parents you are and what a tremendous older brother Warren. My oldest son is a less warm and fuzzy 13-year old. Gillian said to me once “I tell Casey ‘I love you’ every night before bed and he never says it back.”

    I told him one day on his mission he is going to cry and cry that he never said it back to her but he was skeptical.

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