Everyday Cooking with Maddie & Jeannie

I don’t really know how we stumbled on it but Maddie and I have become quite fond of watching Everyday Food with Sarah Carey cooking videos. It was probably because I was looking up some recipe and Maddie spied the video icon while glancing over my shoulder. The girl cannot resist media in any form. She begged to watch one and one turned into three and three into six.

Pretty soon we’d seen nearly all of the recipe demos. But that doesn’t stop Maddie from asking for more almost daily. I don’t mind, though. I enjoy Sarah’s style, she’s quirky and fun, and I find her recipes quite tasty. I’ve made several after seeing them on the screen. Our favorite has been the Bacon and Escarole Pizza. Oh, mama! Bacon? On pizza? Yes, please! Other goodies are the Vegetable and Tofu Pad Thai, the Beef Skewers with Scallions, and the Croque Madame Sandwiches.

Many times, after we’ve watched one together, we’ll head over to our kitchen and try an easy one out or just make an old stand by that we love. Usually a cookie one because who can resist making cookies, really?

Cooking with Maddie and Jeannie

I love this little pastime we’ve started together.

6 thoughts on “Everyday Cooking with Maddie & Jeannie”

  1. That’s so fun. I look forward to being able to do this kind of thing with older kids. Atticus does love to “help” with the cooking, and I like to let him, but it can obviously be more of a hassle sometimes since he is not even 2!

  2. You guys make one ADORABLE team! You should have your own cooking show. It would be a BIG hit in this house and MANY others I’m sure. SO cute that she loves it so…

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