Robot Valentines

I'm Nuts & Bolts About You!

I had no business making hand made robot Valentines for Warren’s classmates, especially after returning from a long trip away from my family, but I did. With Colin’s help, we assembled these little suckers 24 times over.

Using boxes of Craisins, Starburst, pipe cleaner, sparkly heart stickers, googly eyes (for crying out loud!), and a sign that read, “I’m nuts and bolts about you!” we hot glued the robot together.

That’s what I get for giving him free reign to pick an idea off my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Next year, it’s a package of Angry Birds cards straight from the supermarket!

2 thoughts on “Robot Valentines”

  1. These are SO cute! I did the same thing – Sat the kids down about a week before and let them surf Pinterest with me. It was too fun to watch them gasp over all the possibilities! I was also trying to compensate for dragging them to the grocery store last year to pick something out. The night before. Past their bedtime.

  2. You’re amazing! We opted for photo cards because they require no signing, no assembly, no addressing…everybody gets the same thing. Lame mom. I love these!

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