Monster Hunters

While I was gone on my trip to Boston, and Colin was left to fend for himself with four little squirrely kids, he decided to distract them with creative play. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and the need to placate active little bodies led to the creation of a new game: Monster Hunters. Little hunters seek out the terrible, ferocious Daddy Monster, wherever he may be hiding. Here are the rules, in case you want to play:

1. Seekers find a safe “base” and count to 10 while the “monster” hides in a distant location.

Safe at the base

2. Brave seekers venture out slowly to hunt the monster, sometimes in packs, sometimes solo.

Brave seekers

Monster Hunter - Page 003

3. Once the monster is located he barges out of hiding and chases down the little seekers as they squeal in delight terror.

Monster Hunter - Page 004 Monster Hunter - Page 005 Monster chases

4. Repeat the process about 20 times over.

One thought on “Monster Hunters”

  1. This is fantastic!!! (Hopefully your kids don’t become scared of the dark because of their monster experiences… not that it has ever happened to us).

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