Wii Golf Pros

Jared and Laura graciously let us borrow their Wii gaming system when I came home from visiting them. Having it “on loan only” has been a great way for us to play without committing to video games becoming a part of our lives.

However, that doesn’t mean our kids haven’t flocked to this particular entertainment medium like white on rice.

Jake's turn

In fact they can’t get enough. Especially Maddie. Almost every day she asks if she can play Golf.

Maddie's turn

But before you agree that practicing virtually is okay because it prepares you for real life play, think again. Maddie has her own flair for the sport. Not only does she have a backhand serve suited more to tennis but her main goal in playing is to have her golf ball land in the sand trap. As in she aims for it. Or the water. Whenever her ball falls in she yells, “kerSPLOOSH!” If the ball reaches her intended destination she shrieks with joy, ” I DID IT!” We are, of course, quite proud of her accomplishments, blazing new paths in the world of golf. She also enjoys coaching, if you’re interested.

Maddie coaches Joey

Jake and Joey don’t have the same drive (ba dum bum) to reach any goals, in particular, but they sure love to play. They are (mostly) really good at waiting and taking turns. It’s easier since they know to wait until they see their little avatars, one dressed in blue (Jake) and the other green (Joe).

Jake's avatar

Good old video games. A colossal waste of time that never gets old.

I foresee many tears when our loaner system heads back to its original owners.

3 thoughts on “Wii Golf Pros”

  1. Eric and I have had many date nights spent on the WII. We have enjoyed ours. It is only used on non school days and this has kept it from becoming a habit or being addicted to it. I recommend one in the future. Since 4 of us can play at the same time we have great family time on it. We have also limited our games to all be child friendly. I just wish I had followed the only on non school day rules for Minecraft!

  2. Wii loan! Lucky you! I’m afraid my golf game would be terrible at your house – I’m distracted already by glimpses of your gorgeous entertainment center, dark would floors and white & lime kitchen!

  3. We had the same luxury when Uncle Michael was here. I think I decided I was glad it wasn’t a permanent fixture. Though boxing did give me a great workout…

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