Warren Turns Eight


This kid is now eight. How it happened so quickly, I just do not know.

We had Jared, Evelyn, and Miriam visiting so we celebrated Warren’s birthday with family.

Jared drew this amazing chalk birthday greeting from Yoda.

A happy birthday you will have.

“A happy birthday you will have. Yes.”

When Warren woke up, he saw a decorated bathroom mirror, courtesy of Dad.

Pick a face!

“Happy Birthday, Warren. Pick a face!” with a Frankenstein monster, a cowboy, and an alien drawing. Insert your face here.

We had pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast.

Birthday Cake Pancakes

(Though not pictured here, it was also topped with a lime cream filling used in the delectable cream puffs left over from Pam and Kevin’s wedding.)

And for dinner, pasta with meatballs.

Pasta dinner

Followed by chocolate cupcakes frosted with the ubiquitous lime cream filling. That stuff got around. Good thing it was so tasty!

Chocolate Cupcakes


Make a wish

Oh, Warren. You are undeniably a big kid now. It makes me so happy to see all the things you can do on your own. I love how much you think about things and consider the world around you. It’s amazing to see you becoming your own person, making decisions about things on your own terms. Sometimes I get frustrated by how you tackle situations, but I know I need to stand back and let you fall, let you learn for yourself how this crazy, wonderful world works. I hope you will always come to me and your dad the way you do now to check in and seek guidance. May your love of Legos and all things creative, your artistic talents and need to invent bring you fulfillment and joy your whole life through.

We love you, Warren. Happy 8th year!

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  1. Happy late Birthday Warren! You are getting so big and I enjoy seeing you grow with such a beautiful family. Happy 8th Birthday!! – Asenath

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