Summer To Do List 2013

Summer to do list 2013

School’s out for summer!

That’s what Warren’s school played over the P.A. system as the kids ran out of their classrooms on the last day of school. Summer vacation has officially started here and true to Pacific Northwest form it is raining. A ton.

But that didn’t stop us from compiling our annual Summer Fun List. We scaled it way back this year. We didn’t even get to half of our activities last time thanks to our great big move to Seattle.

This summer, I want the kids to come up with their own adventures. Our neighborhood is crawling with kids and nothing says summer vacation like endless afternoons of making up games, riding bikes, climbing trees, and spontaneous water fights.

So, we’ll get to these items when we can. Or maybe not. It’s just nice to have options, especially as we wait for the weather to improve. Everyone knows the season doesn’t officially begin here until July 5th.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to pass out Otter Pops to the neighborhood kids and pretend that it’s over 60 degrees as we wear our shorts and flip flops.

Enjoy the summer!

P.S. You can download a blank version of this list here.

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