Are you still there? Have you given up on me and any hope of reading updates?

I would totally understand. Since my last post was written in June and the one before that in March, it’s safe to say that I’m behind the times. It seems a waste to check in with that kind of track record.

I think my days for pledging devotion to maintaining this journal in a timely manner are officially defunct. I cannot keep up.

Instead, I am putting my energy where it is most needed. Like with this kid…

warren plays football

And this one…


And these two…

Jake and Joe

And this handsome guy…


Missing in action. That is the truth. Life hurries forward, whether I’m ready or not.

I hope that I’ll be able to return here soon to jot down the memories from our busy, beautiful spring and our happy, lazy, spend-every-moment-possible-outdoor summer. But, if not, know that me missing from this blog means that I am elbow deep and relishing in the action of our wonderful, hectic life.

4 thoughts on “M.I.A.”

  1. Still here! Love to see pictures and hear all the details of your life, but I totally understand about not having time! Life does have a knack for marching on even if we want it to hold still! Miss you guys.

  2. I do miss the updates, but this is a perfectly perfect excuse. This blog isn’t called “Live. Laugh. Learn.” for nothing, right? Glad you are busy doing all three!

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