Gluttony in 2013


the view from my sick bed
the view from my sick bed

For New Year’s Eve 2013 we celebrated with friends, New York time zone style. Games, good company and a ton of food, cutting it short at 9 o’clock when the ball in Times Square drops. It’s the perfect solution for families with small kids.

I’ve made it a goal for 2014 to control my portions better and not sample every goodie laid before me. But it was a party and my last hurrah of the holiday season. Surely a few more Chex mixes or brownie cookies weren’t going to hurt me now.

Whether it food poisoning or a virus or what, I woke up to start the new year by kneeling at the “porcelain throne” at 3AM, followed by 4AM and 6AM visits. I was quite wretched.

Not the way I wanted to ring in the new year, but this may be a blessing in disguise.

Besides the obvious effect it will have on my subsequent food consumption once healed (e,g. ” I will never eat again!,” followed by,”Okay at least I’m off sugar for good,” and the final, “If I can just make it to Valentine’s Day without treats…”), and my whole-hearted willingness to give up my glutenous ways, I may have discovered the answer to another illness that has affected me in the past.

When my sweet husband let me rest this morning and started pumping me with liquids, it was slow going to get them down. The Gatorade seemed sickly sweet and the cups were left mostly untouched for the good part of the day. Then by the afternoon I was quite weak and I started experiencing numbness and cramping, especially in my hands and feet, that I’ve had twice before. Two trips to the ER the other times had never helped us understand why all of a sudden my muscles give out and my hands turn into lobster claws. Seriously, I can’t stretch them out very well and my limbs are nearly worthless. It’s difficult to move and I’ve spent all of 2014 staring at the view of my bed you see above.

Putting the data together from the last times and a few searches leads us to believe that when I am super low in potassium (as I am when I am violently puking), I may haveĀ hypokalemia, an acute potassium deficiency.

The last two times IV treatment has helped alleviate the symptoms. I’m really hoping to avoid the hospital this fine evening. First step, loading up Gatorade and potassium-rich foods. So far, not much a difference. I’m typing this post by hunting and pecking with my lobster claw hand. It’s not pretty, but it’s keeping me focused on something so I’m not writhing around in bed.

I post this not to grovel for sympathy but to remind myself that good can com from bad situations. At least now, when I feel the first sign of the potassium drop, I have an inkling about what’s happening.

Maybe it’s not just one too many cookies.

Here’s wishing you a hopeful 2014!

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  1. Would it help to hold a banana in each hand to hunt and peck with?!
    Oh man, I’m so sorry. Hang in there, I really hope that you GET WELL SOON!!!

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