Unfortunately, we got a call last night telling us Maddie’s check in time was pushed back to 10AM which means surgery won’t start until around 11AM. Emergencies come up sometimes which are out of their hands.

Though this news is so disappointing, we’re grateful to spend a little extra time with her this morning. We’re praying her fasting status is bearable and that there are no further delays.

We are deeply grateful for your love and prayers and support. We have felt your faith strengthen our own.

2 thoughts on “Delay”

  1. Hey Jeannie and Colin,

    We wanted to wish you and Maddie the very best for her surgery. It’s commendable what amazing parents you are. If there’s anything whatsoever that you need any help with, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here if you need us!

    Love and warm hugs for a super speedy recovery..
    Ira, Rumpi, Hari and Minnie:)

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